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Main features

Our eKYC solution offers a wide range of features, including:

Identity verification

Digital identity verification is the process of confirming identity without the need to meet the user in person. It confirms that a person is who he/she says he/she is and that the personal information he/she provides is not fake or stolen (identity fraud).

Liveness check

Our Active Liveness feature uses advanced facial recognition technology to detect and prevent fraud. It verifies that the user is a real person and that they are physically present during the verification process. This helps prevent spoofing attempts by detecting whether the user is alive and not a still image.

Biometric verification

Face-matching biometric verification is the analysis of physical characteristics to determine a user’s identity. For example, to authenticate a contract or other document, we use a personal signature or a personal seal. For the same purpose, but. in the offline space, we use facial biometrics, which is the analysis of human faces to establish identity.

Easy Digital Onboarding

MyID also offers a secure and fast user registration solution using a QR code to quickly obtain the required identification data from an ID card or other identity document.

An organization that collects data to verify the user’s identity can be confident in the legitimacy of the received data, as digital documents are only issued via MyID ecosystem by verified organizations.


Our Document OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature reads the information on the ID document or passport to ensure that the document is valid and has not been altered. This includes reading the MRZ code (machine-readable zone) on the document to confirm its authenticity.

Disposable Data Verification

OTV is a one-time identity verification by requesting a code that the verifier can send to a phone number or email.

Reusable KYC profile

The user does not have to go through the same processes several times to provide the organization with proof of his data, and the business, in turn, does not need to request verified data that has already been previously issued by a trusted issuer.

ID & Selfie match

Our Selfie Match feature compares the user’s selfie to their photo ID or passport to ensure that the person who is being verified is the same as the one who is shown on the ID document. This helps prevent identity theft and fraud.

User flow and UI customization

We offer a standard KYC procedure that includes steps like: Identity Proof, liveness check, Contact details proof, etc., but you can tailor the procedure to your business by adding for example SSI data issued by Trustees! Also we are constantly working to improve our services for comfortable use, but we can also customize the tools to suit your personal needs!

10k + Document type support

We support a large number of document types for processing, including the most common ones.

Full integration support

To ensure integration with your service, our specialists use WebHooks, Restful API, Web SDK, Mobile SDK.

And other futures:

  • Individual service configuration
  • AML Watchlist service integration
  • In-depth Fraud Score analytics

If you want to know more, fill out the contact form and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

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