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Today we will talk about the technology of liveness detection.

Liveness detection is a technology used in identity verification processes to confirm that a person is physically present and not using fraudulent means to deceive the system.

Seems all ok, right? But despite their sophistication, biometric identification systems are often subject to attempts to hack into online accounts or access company internal systems by tricking the recognition system. For example, a fraudster can use a photo of the owner of an identity card and point it at the camera – this way the system can confirm the document, because the face is the same!

That is why it is necessary to use a liveness check, which will determine that the video is a real person, and not a fake. During a liveness check, the system determines whether it is interacting with a real person or a scammer using a fake ID: a face photo, video, or a realistic mask.

We use this type of program where the user does not need to perform complex actions to check for liveliness – just blink, and the program will determine that you are a living person.
Checking liveness allows you to get rid of many types of fraud, ensures the security of accounts, because only a real person can use them, and also makes it possible to easily and remotely identify a client in order to conduct electronic financial transactions, apply for loans and other services online.

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