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The following are bad image capture examples that should be avoided, or the document may fail validation, as well as tips for properly capturing an image in the MyID Wallet app

You must take a photo of the document so that it fits exactly in the given frame.

Proper lighting

Good lighting helps achieve better optical character recognition (OCR) results. If the image is too light or too dark, the document may not be processed correctly.

Avoid Glare

Glare and reflections reduce the accuracy of data extraction during processing. We recommend that you do not use the flash of your mobile device to capture the document(s).

Focus and Sharpness

Make sure the image is clear and there are no blurry areas.


The tilt angle of the document should not exceed 10 degrees in either direction (horizontal or vertical) so that distortion correction does not significantly affect image quality.

Insufficient amount of space

Make sure there is minimal space around the document and that it is completely inside the image without touching the edges. It is recommended that the document occupies 80-90% of the image area and be within the frame displayed in the WEB KYC flow.

Too much space

Make sure that the space around the document does not take up more than 20-30% of the image. It is recommended that the document take up 80-90% of the image.

Background with contrast

The document should clearly contrast with the background. If the document is the same color as the background the edges may not be detected. It is recommended to avoid a light background if the document is light, and a dark background if the document is dark (i.e. not white on white or black on black).

Image resolution

To ensure the quality of document recognition, it is recommended that the captured image be captured by a device with a resolution of at least Full HD (1920×1080) and autofocus. JPEG compression must be at least 70% of the original.

Fully visible

Be careful not to cover any or all of the document data with your hands or other objects.

In summary, we recommend taking images with a Full HD (1920 × 1080) resolution camera with autofocus for any ID document size. Do not forget:

1. Document should be placed in a horizontal position.

2. Document should be placed in a defined frame zoomed on maximum without edge cut.

3. Flash should not be used as it can generate blicks.

4. Image should be bright, sharp and clear.

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